It is happy people that make our world better. The most beautiful hotels in the world are developing revolutionary wellness experiences that challenge everything that has been practiced until now. Happiness is limitless! It is an energy that is never seen yet only experienced.

To better understand this phenomenon, we talk about to an experienced designer of places and extraordinary guest experiences, Camille Blardone.

Camille is familiar with the experience of The Datai in Langkawi. It is a legendary hotel that closed last year to be completely renovated. Its Director, Arnaud Girodon and his team, wanted to offer their loyal customers uncompromising happiness through a unique and unparalleled well-being offer. So the new project begins!

When we look more closely, we realize that happiness and positive emotions do not stop at the door of a sauna, a treatment room or a swimming pool. To reach this grail, nothing must be left to chance. All aspects must be considered to create a holistic experience.

Camille looks back on the implementation of the “Holistic Harmony” experiment that he designed for The Datai: "When we trained the Datai team with the "Harmony Holistic" approach, we did not just teach about care protocols or techniques as is traditionally practiced in this type of training. We mainly taught therapists the art of diagnosis, adaptation and energy. At “Datai”, each guest lives their personal and unique moment that is designed specifically to enhance their own physical, energetic and emotional balance. To reach such heights, we must take into consideration the specificities of each individual, because efficiency in well-being comes mainly from personalization. "

Realizing that the wellness experience is holistic and personal is important yet not enough. Technology has not changed much in cosmetics since the invention of the Nivea cream. It must adapt to modern techniques and recent discoveries to push the current limits to provide the ultimate experience.

Camille explains: "In terms of natural cosmetics, the techniques used until now to produce the best results were inspired by Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. These approaches have existed for more than 5000 years! It is high time to evolve. Thanks to a better understanding of the memory of water, we have been able to develop quantum cosmetics that open the path of subtle balance and allow guests to continue the benefits of care back home. "

After a 60 million USD investment program, The Datai will welcome the first privileged guests in December 2018. The first returns are already very encouraging; they definitely open the way to a new era for the greater happiness of all and the good of our land.