The genesis of Quantum skincare begins with energetic skincare vibrating at approximately 12,000 units on the Bovis scale, twice as much as conventional skincare on the market today. In comparison, drinking water vibrates at approximately 6,500 Bovis units.

The Bovis biometer or Bovis scale, is an instrument to measure the life force energy level of each and every substance such as foods, medicine, animal life forms, people, and geographical areas. Below this vibratory level, water becomes unsafe to drink. In order to manufacture Quantum skincare, the vibratory level should be roughly three times that of drinking water or about 18,000 units. The minimum energy level for human beings is more or less 8,000 Bovis units. In addition, the manufacturing environ requires meticulous conditions free of air, water, and electromagnetic contamination.

Disparate types of contaminates, especially wave pollutants, diminish or even eliminates the basic vibratory rate of matter. Even so, regardless of pureness, the material will inevitably be compromised in an exposed manufacturing environment. Furthermore, to preserve its structural integrity, water must derive directly from nature. Masaru Emoto’s work on the memory of water and the French Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier’s endeavors concerning DNA teleportation revealed that water maintains, within its molecular structure, data on materials that it interacts with. Consequently, recycled or polluted water, even when purified, retains an electromagnetic signature destructive to the manufacturing of skincare with a high vibratory rate.

Research on Quantum skincare performed by the Gibro SA Laboratory in Fleurier, Switzerland centered on present-day discoveries dealing with water memory and vacuum structure with the sole purpose of increasing the vibratory rate of matter in a more natural and balanced way.

The Inspiration Behind Quantum Skincare

Groundbreaking energetic skincare products are the first to be elevated to Quantum status. These trendsetting skincare is founded on western aromatherapy methods and amalgamated by utilizing the disciplines of Chinese Traditional Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. Predecessors who formulated Asian medicines for more than 5000 years, consistently felt the need to categorize nature to establish algorithms of the synergy between the various facets of vital energy. This adopted knowledge has been utilized in the arena of energetic skincare since the 1970s and paved the way for natural skincare to materialize under the wing of leading companies such as La Phyto, PHYTO 5, La gamme Suisse, and Ageless brands.

In Quantum, which works on the same principle as Bovis, we craft products capable of influencing the essential energy according to the law of emotional equilibria; a state of rest or balance due to the coequal action of opposing forces. Consequently, in order to ameliorate the vibratory rate of matter naturally, research in Quantum cosmetology concentrats on the essence of vibratory rates and their influence on well-being and health. Following the discovery of how to increase the vibratory rate of matter in a natural way and the method to shield production from additional waves of the environment, the process for boosting the vibratory rate of Energetic skincare from 12’000 to 18’000 Bovis units has become a reality.

It was two years in the making together with thousands of tests to engender the first certified Quantum skincare. The utilization of Quantum skincare by aesthetically sound professionals, has divulged intriguing results, especially on emotional awareness and inner beauty. The skin is merely a rumination of the inside. To obtain outstanding results, it is vital to harmonize the origin of beauty, which starts from within.

PHYTO 5 is the pioneer of certified Quantum brands. While other brands observe with interest the forthcoming possibilities of Quantum skincare, which is still in its infancy, PHYTO 5 takes the steps to bring these ideas to fruition. Phytobiodermie, having been the first Energetic certification of its kind in history, is currently the foremost in Quantum certification. Who knows, perhaps future formulations of Quantum skincare will do without pure essential oils and organic components altogether!

Gibro SA Laboratory is currently developing a state-of-the-art generation of vibratory frequencies in order to codify holistic products conceivably within the coming year. Research and innovation have plenty to offer in the world of groundbreaking skincare exploration. We plan to take full advantage of this great opportunity to enhance the essence of both inner and outer beauty.