Avoiding weight gain is for many of us a constant battle that makes the dieting industry billions! Funnily enough, though there are a plethora of dieting programs barraging the public day after day, the failure rate for dieters is enormously high. Diets that promote undernourishment and dehydration ultimately cause the body to use up its reserves. Still, is this the right way to go about losing weight?

Thankfully, innovation is making its way into the arena of weight loss via the application of Quantum Phytobiodermie. This research program and certification for cosmetic products have the required characteristics to balance the subtle level of vital life-force energy. Phytobiodermie is the PHYTO 5 method based on the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine. Treatments are designed in the laboratory and require advanced production methods to naturally boost the vibrational rate and govern the subtle level of emotions. With the utilization of certified Phytobiodermie Quantum cosmetics, the conscious and subconscious minds are encouraged to function in a more balanced way.

Keep in mind, weight gain is not merely a biological phenomenon. The subconscious plays a tremendous role in fighting for our survival. When the unconscious mind is imbalanced, it receives starvation signals when your food intake decreases, causing it to store fat for the future.

In developed countries, there is an abundance of most things required for a comfortable existence and over the last century, humanity has made amazing progress, more so than any other time in history. Yet, though there is plenty of food and other goods, fear still permeates the populace. With progress stress and anxiety have also escalated. This causes the subconscious to interpret these states of mind as danger signals. The reasons are manifold. Work, family, interactions with others, mass media, and other conditions contribute to the conflicting emotions so many feel today.

How does the subconscious mind interpret signals? Can it discern the emotional gesticulation generated by entertainment from the fear of losing a job or the fear of running out of food? Perhaps at some time in the near future, our preservation instincts will comprehend the differences between fears intentionally generated by amusements from a bonafide fear for one’s life. Until this happens, the intense emotions that besiege us will continue to encourage the subconscious to hoard reserves of food to ensure survival. Phytobiodermie Quantum certified cosmetics are still evolving; however, the results so far by PHYTO 5 have been encouraging. The PHYTO 5 breakthrough has shown that it is now possible to manipulate subtle levels of energy to bolster our spirit and help us evolve to a better way of life. Perhaps these findings will result in healthier dieting methods that will influence the unconscious mind to automatically register when food is being withheld for a legitimate purpose or out of fear.