Self-confidence, you build it

It is required in order to adapt to changes or undertake new projects. It is the energy that allows us to face a new situation like a personal or a professional change with calm.
Moving to a new place, getting a new job or partner are all new situations whose positive ending depends of our emotional state.
Self-confidence is fickle. Our state of mind affects it but it is mostly influenced by external factors. For example, it is generally stronger in summer and weaker in winter because seasons have an effect on our emotional balance.
Its inconstancy may appear as a weakness, but it is also a sign that we can do something about it and control it.
Here’s a quick review of the usual tools to manage self-confidence and also a look on the latest innovations on the field.

Stimulate your self-confidence

Managing self-confidence begins by assessing one’s own need of self-confidence.
Emotional balance is personal and changes over time. Self-confidence is good to deal with big projects or periods of change with serenity and firmness.
It is less appropriate when you want to take some timeout to focus on yourself or relax.


There are a lot of natural stimuli for self-confidence.
Food, drinks, smells, looks, care and many others.
Hot and Yang spices like ginger, garlic or cinnamon are excellent stimulus. Stimulants such as tea or coffee also help to readjust self-confidence.
On the veggie’s side, opt for green with zucchini, avocado or spinach.
Diet affects the emotional state quickly. Avoid being excessive while staying true to your cravings and instincts.
Anger and frustration are clear signs of overconfidence.

The Look

The look is important because it generates self-confidence through the way others see you.
When starting a new job or project, we often seek in the people around us the drive that will push us on the path to success. And looks also come into play there.
For make-up, choose strong lines, ideally dark shades or black. A discreet but conspicuous lipstick can emphasize the face without eccentricity.
As for clothes, it mostly depends on your circles. Clothes with dim, plain, and dark colors will express your willpower. Once again, avoid eccentricity to stay credible.
If your “confident in myself” look doesn’t suit you, maybe it means that you don’t necessarily need self-confidence at the moment. Be attentive to your own needs, it’s all about balance.

Self-confidence or no self-confidence?

Sometimes life forces us to face new challenges. When it happens, we prefer being self-confident to cope with the situation in a better way, but sometimes we realize that this specific emotional state isn’t suited to us at the moment.
That’s called forced transition. For example, it is the difference between looking for work because you resigned and looking for work because you were fired.
Either way, knowing your own actual emotional state allows you to choose the right attitude and solutions.
Transitions between different emotional states can be managed too. Disciplines like Chi Gong, Yoga or meditation are useful to keep both feet on the ground and make the transition.

Skincare for Emotions

Speaking of innovation, 2017 has brought about a genuine revolution regarding emotions. It is now possible to feel happy because of beauty care.
Quantique Skincare can help recover a stable emotional state and/or strengthen this state. It’s mostly practiced in institutes or certified SPAs.
Quantique certified products can be recognized thanks to the logo below:
Quantique Skincare products use higher natural vibrations than those of most of the cares available until now to affect the body.
Quantique certified lines are rare because making them is more complex than usual natural skincare. Although a few brands have products available for sale, they are mostly reserved for health and wellness professionals.
PhytoVillage has received a first batch of 5 top products certified Quantique Phytobiodermie. They are the emotional sera Phyt’Ether Wood, Fire, Metal, Water and Earth.
The Wood Serum is the one that affect self-confidence.
With these products, certified Quantique Phytobiodermie professionals give facial care, body care and massages that target the emotional state and stimulate feelings of determination, satisfaction, joy or serenity.
The W de Verbier Hotel (Switzerland) will be one of the first hotels in the world to offer certified Quantique Phytobiodermie cares.