The hydrogen potential, called pH, measures the acidity, as the meter and the millimeter measure of the distance or the degrees and the fahrenheits measure the temperature.  The pH is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. Since pH 7 is the reference value corresponding to a neutral pH, a pH below 7 is considered acid while a pH greater than 7 is considered basic. Our skin has a slightly acidic physiological pH, on average 5.5. It is determined by the composition of the film covering the surface of the skin.

But why is the pH of my skin so important?

The natural acidity on the surface of the skin forms a protective barrier against external aggressions and bad bacteria. When this "protective film" is altered, the pH of the skin becomes unbalanced.

Do you have redness on your face or pimples that appear from time to time? Most small skin problems are the result of a simple imbalance of the natural pH of it. Take the example of a freshwater fish; if you introduce salt into its natural environment, this fish will age prematurely.

Respecting our natural environment is essential, and for our skin, it's the same thing. If you do not take care of the pH of your skin daily, it will age prematurely, and pimples and small unsightly manifestations are the sign.

But why is the pH of our skin not automatically regulated by our body?

In fact, it is. However, most of the shampoos and soaps we use prevent this natural regulation. Indeed, to be more effective, most of the care products we use have a basic pH, that is to say greater than 7.

Marseille soap for example, which is 100% natural, has a pH of 9, 3 units above the natural pH of our skin. The use of Marseille soap, although natural and effective, modifies the natural pH of our skin by making it slightly basic.

How to restore the natural pH of my skin?

It is not a solution to stop using products on your skin. If you live in city for example, or if your environment is polluted, the air will have a tendency to lower the pH of your skin below a pH 5. Your skin is balanced when its pH reaches 5.5.

The activities that we do indoors, for example like cooking will throw particles into the air that will also influence the pH of our skin.

In addition, the use of soaps that provide good effectiveness on the skin are mostly basic. That is to say that their pH will tend to raise the pH of your skin above 6 or 7. Your skin will then have a basic pH.

Keep my skin in balance

To keep your skin balanced, the solution is simple, just include in your daily routine a care cream that restores the natural pH of your skin and protects it from pollution and untimely changes in pH.

PHYTO 5 has developed a shower gel and a cream dedicated to the natural balance of the skin. These products have been used by Esthetic professionals since their creation in 1979.

La crème acide, as the name suggests, will restore the natural pH of the skin. It also contains essential oil of Petit-grain that will prevent external imbalances and protect your skin all day and night.

It is used in the morning, before the day cream and in the evening, before the night cream. It is important to massage the facial skin with the cream, symmetrically and from the center of the face (nose) to the outside (ears) for maximum efficiency and well-being.